Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sunday's Best:
Looking glamourous while being comfortable is the key! The Lace Skirt is long enough to be appropriate for family time on Sundays and paired with a denim light weight jacket to keep the look from being too fancy. Add some jewels to bring up the look, but also some wooden wedges to bring the look down a bit.
Night Out w/ Girlfriends:
The Lace Skirt can also be turned into a fun night outfit. Paired with some dancing heels and a black top that ties in the front, this look can be comfortable, yet chic and sexy. 
Everyday Attire:
When paired with some casual shoes and a simple top, The Lace Skirt can also be an everyday look! By pairing it with some sandals, it keeps the look down to a look that isn't too much for everyday errands. A tank top also keeps the look low key and fresh for the summer heat!

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