Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween this year at Shop 112 we got creative and thought we could get more out of a costume this year than spending lots of money on one costume and never being able to wear it again! So we thought why not take an ordinary dress and "Halloween-ize" it! That way you can wear it again after Halloween night, and not have spent so much money for nothing. 
Night out dress // Flappper
This dress can be worn out on a fancy date night or a fun girls night out to dance the night away. It is a very comfortable and an eye catching dress! 
To make this dress into a costume, we just added:
a black wig, a headband of your choice, a faux cigarette holder, and some strappy heels like in the 20's .. very inexpensive and super cute.
Cute two-piece // Minnie Mouse
This outfit is great for a night out downtown with friends, really comfortable and simple to pair with a eye-catching statement necklace.
To make this outfit into a costume, we added: 
Minnie Mouse ears, red pumps, white short gloves, and black face paint
Long Red Dress // Jessica Rabbit
This sultry red dress is perfect for a hot date night, paired with some chunky jewelry and all eyes are on you.
to make this outfit into a costume, we added: 
black long gloves(preferably purple), red wig, cherry red lipstick, black pumps
Retro Outfit // Hippie 
This outfit is great for a festival, or even a themed birthday!
to turn this outfit into a costume, we added: 
a flower headband, round framed sunglasses, and chunky heels
Cheetah dress // Cat
This dress is perfect for many occasions, birthdays, family gatherings, date nights, and nights out! This dress is curve flattering and very gorgeous.
To make this outfit into a costume, we added:
black opaque tights, black long gloves, cat ears, and black paint
Red Dress // Devil
This dress is perfect length for every body type! Add a cardigan and it's even work appropriate! In a very flattering red color, it goes with all skin tones too!
to make this outfit into a costume, we added: 
studded booties, black long gloves, devil ears, and a devils pitchfork
Elegant white dress // Angel
This dress is adorable and perfect for a more fancier occasions. Very flattering for every body type and is just an elegant simple dress.
to make this outfit into a costume, we added:
angel wings, a halo, classy heels, and light make-up.

and some funny pictures to show to fun of working at Shop 112:

Happy Halloween readers! 
Have a safe & fun night
love, Shop 112

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Fall Ready!

As the fall season approaches, everyone is getting ready to start transitioning their wardrobe from bright summer-y florals to darker hues and chunky sweaters. At Shop 112, we have the perfect transitioning pieces to slowly get your wardrobe winter ready! With tons of new sweaters that just arrived, it's hard to only pick one, because they are all so versatile and go with everything! We also have the ever so popular statement necklaces and lots to choose from! They go perfect with a sweater to make it go from simple to elegant and eye-catching . Some good fall pieces that are "must haves" for every girls closet consist of: scarves, a good pair of boots, chunky sweaters, statement necklaces, and a fun pair of pants! All of these items can be worn through fall as well as winter! When you come into Shop 112, our stylists love playing dress up (trust me), so when you come in feel free to ask for help putting an outfit together or letting us know if you need an outfit for a certain event or occasion, it's fun to put our fashion sense with your style and collide them, because most people realize they love something they would normally not try! Who knows we might even give you "VIP" treatment and let you come to the back where we keep our absolute-out of the box-newest inventory... that's always fun. Happy shopping fashionista's, hope to see you soon.

Monday, August 25, 2014

The Lace Top {3 different ways/back to school style!}

Back to school! The time of year all us girls get to show off our fashionista skills! Here is a look perfect for the first day of school, cute and put together. Also appropriate for dress codes and a little cardigan for those cold classrooms! We paired it with a little satchel for just enough space to carry your school ID and some lunch money...yum!
School starting also means study days coming into the near future! When you sit down at your favorite coffee shop for a couple hours reading and taking notes...comfort is key! In this look we paired the lace top over a  maxi dress, for style & comfort. Now you can study and look great!
So after a long week of school, its time to unwind! We put the lace top under a strapless dress for sexiness, but also not to revealing. The yellow also is a fun pop of color to stand out and be the star of the night!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's about that time for "Back to School!" most of us students dread this time, but who doesn't love the back to school shopping part of this whole process?! At Shop 112, we have all your back to school needs like: 
> Cardigans: for those cold classrooms that we must sit in for an hour, with so many cute colors & prints, you won't have to freeze anymore, and with so many colors one is sure to match any outfit you wear! Also go great with uniforms if that is your dress code.
> Tote Bags: Not everyone is a "backpack person", so here at Shop 112 we have these super cute totes to hold your books around school, and in stripes! (who doesn't love stripes?!) Perfect for your books or a casual Saturday tote bag.
> Casual Necklaces: Now a days it's ALL about statement necklaces, but to school you probably don't want to be the shiniest one in the class, so we just received these perfect stone necklaces in three versatile colors, that go with (literally) any outfit but still make a subtle statement.
> Tops: Whether you like long sleeve or short sleeve, we have tops that are perfect for school, and are dress code friendly. These are a few tops that are selling fast at the shop and a crowd fav!
> Skirts: Along with the usual pants to school (which I'll feature in back to school pt. 2 post) skirts can also be cute for school, here are a few of the longer styles, that again, don't violate dress code violation, and go perfect with a top and cardigan. 
> Scarves: During fall scarves are the perfect staple for any outfit and in those pesky cold classrooms. With a variety of styles, colors, and designs, they are a sure choice for anyone's pick.
> Shoes: Walking around school all day can be tiring, and hurt your feet. Here are a few styles from the shop that are flats and are very comfortable, but also cute, and won't hurt your feet after being worn all day.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

How do you keep cool in this summer heat?

Here in the RGV the summers are a scorcher! With temperature's in the triple digits it's hard to keep a cute style and not break a sweat at the same time! Below are some stylists who know how to keep cool in the sizzling heat. With fun fashion advise, any girl can follow these steps to look outstanding in your outfit, while not breaking a sweat.
Angela enjoys wearing fresh skirts and light-weight denim jackets to keep stylish in the summer. Any girl can work a cute skirt with a top of any kind and look great this summer. 
Carolina enjoy's wearing tank tops and sandals... along with these fresh styles, she loves light colors, and shorts to keep stylish, but fresh!
Keely loves pink lemonade and dresses for this scorching heat. She also loves sandals, and messy buns. . . every girls favorite!
Little Mayela enjoys wearing sandal wedges to keep cool this summer, along with delicious cupcakes, she also loves skirts, and light colors.
Josie loves sandals and lace tops to keep cool this summer. Along with laughs and iced coffee, she's set for the rest of her summer vacation.