Tuesday, August 12, 2014

It's about that time for "Back to School!" most of us students dread this time, but who doesn't love the back to school shopping part of this whole process?! At Shop 112, we have all your back to school needs like: 
> Cardigans: for those cold classrooms that we must sit in for an hour, with so many cute colors & prints, you won't have to freeze anymore, and with so many colors one is sure to match any outfit you wear! Also go great with uniforms if that is your dress code.
> Tote Bags: Not everyone is a "backpack person", so here at Shop 112 we have these super cute totes to hold your books around school, and in stripes! (who doesn't love stripes?!) Perfect for your books or a casual Saturday tote bag.
> Casual Necklaces: Now a days it's ALL about statement necklaces, but to school you probably don't want to be the shiniest one in the class, so we just received these perfect stone necklaces in three versatile colors, that go with (literally) any outfit but still make a subtle statement.
> Tops: Whether you like long sleeve or short sleeve, we have tops that are perfect for school, and are dress code friendly. These are a few tops that are selling fast at the shop and a crowd fav!
> Skirts: Along with the usual pants to school (which I'll feature in back to school pt. 2 post) skirts can also be cute for school, here are a few of the longer styles, that again, don't violate dress code violation, and go perfect with a top and cardigan. 
> Scarves: During fall scarves are the perfect staple for any outfit and in those pesky cold classrooms. With a variety of styles, colors, and designs, they are a sure choice for anyone's pick.
> Shoes: Walking around school all day can be tiring, and hurt your feet. Here are a few styles from the shop that are flats and are very comfortable, but also cute, and won't hurt your feet after being worn all day.

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