Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween this year at Shop 112 we got creative and thought we could get more out of a costume this year than spending lots of money on one costume and never being able to wear it again! So we thought why not take an ordinary dress and "Halloween-ize" it! That way you can wear it again after Halloween night, and not have spent so much money for nothing. 
Night out dress // Flappper
This dress can be worn out on a fancy date night or a fun girls night out to dance the night away. It is a very comfortable and an eye catching dress! 
To make this dress into a costume, we just added:
a black wig, a headband of your choice, a faux cigarette holder, and some strappy heels like in the 20's .. very inexpensive and super cute.
Cute two-piece // Minnie Mouse
This outfit is great for a night out downtown with friends, really comfortable and simple to pair with a eye-catching statement necklace.
To make this outfit into a costume, we added: 
Minnie Mouse ears, red pumps, white short gloves, and black face paint
Long Red Dress // Jessica Rabbit
This sultry red dress is perfect for a hot date night, paired with some chunky jewelry and all eyes are on you.
to make this outfit into a costume, we added: 
black long gloves(preferably purple), red wig, cherry red lipstick, black pumps
Retro Outfit // Hippie 
This outfit is great for a festival, or even a themed birthday!
to turn this outfit into a costume, we added: 
a flower headband, round framed sunglasses, and chunky heels
Cheetah dress // Cat
This dress is perfect for many occasions, birthdays, family gatherings, date nights, and nights out! This dress is curve flattering and very gorgeous.
To make this outfit into a costume, we added:
black opaque tights, black long gloves, cat ears, and black paint
Red Dress // Devil
This dress is perfect length for every body type! Add a cardigan and it's even work appropriate! In a very flattering red color, it goes with all skin tones too!
to make this outfit into a costume, we added: 
studded booties, black long gloves, devil ears, and a devils pitchfork
Elegant white dress // Angel
This dress is adorable and perfect for a more fancier occasions. Very flattering for every body type and is just an elegant simple dress.
to make this outfit into a costume, we added:
angel wings, a halo, classy heels, and light make-up.

and some funny pictures to show to fun of working at Shop 112:

Happy Halloween readers! 
Have a safe & fun night
love, Shop 112