Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A Dress For Every Occasion!

1.) This dress can be perfect for a themed party, like "cowboy/rodeo" kind! It will look so cute with cowboy boots or some flats! Loose and flow-y, this dress is ready for you to be twirled in! I added a belt to it to define the waist area since the top is flow-y and certain bodies will lose definition.
2.) This next dress is a more fancier dress and can be used for indoor weddings, as well as a fun outdoor wedding. A very versatile dress, it goes great with heels, flats, or even the ever so popular cowboy boots! This flow-y top flatters the chest area of us ladies and it add a nice flirtatious vibe. This look will go good with a cute chingnon hair style or a side bun.
3.) This fabulous "little hot pink dress" is a great dress for going out or a night out with girls! A very fun, flattering dress... it's perfect for dancing and looking great!
4.) This next dress reminds me of a "babydoll" look, super cute, with a little bit of sophistication added by the lace. This dress can be good for any occasion, a wedding, a party, Sunday's best, or even a dinner out at the beach.
5.) A dress every girl should own is a fun polka dot dress! This dress is flattering for every body type and is perfect also for every occasion. It can be used for Sunday's best, a party, girls night, anniversary's, and almost anything you can think of. What better way to spend a good amount of money on a dress than it being used for its fullest use!
6.) This fun maxi is great for the beach, but also can be "fancied" up for a great beach wedding, or just a casual day shopping around. It's a fun summer color and the ruffles add a great girly touch.
7.) An all time favorite dress at Shop 112 is the classy "Audrey Hepburn" dress, simple, classy, and the bow adds that feminine touch. A must have for ALL girls.
8.) This next dress is a super comfortable and is stretchy so it's perfect for all body types. I loved wearing this dress for just a normal day, and it received so many compliments. I think this dress is great for a casual dinner or to church, because it's perfect on the length on the legs and isn't too short.
9.) I love this fun dress, very twirl-y and flirt-y, it's great for a dinner out at the beach, or a fun summer party to attend. The fit is flattering and is waist defying so it's great for making our bodies look great!

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